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We Breed Excellence

What We Offer

Our team of ISD experts design and develop effective, scalable, and engaging learning solutions. We are passionate about delivering the best custom training and development solutions to help your organization achieve its business goals and objectives. Partnering with us fills in your organization’s gaps, as well as improves your bench strength which results in a quality, realistic, and compelling training solution.

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Our Training Solutions

CJT has over 20 years of assessing, designing, developing, implementing, and evaluating training solutions.  Our training modalities include instructor led, virtual instructor led, webinars, podcasts, eLearning, case studies, simulations, job aids and apps.


We design and develop creative training solutions that meet business needs and align with your company’s goals and training framework.

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Design and Development

The primary objective of our training course design and development services is to design and develop content that meets the needs of your organization's training environment.
We utilize the proven training methodology, ADDIE, a five-phase instructional design model that has been field-tested and proven in a wide variety of circumstances.
The ADDIE methodology allows CJT to design custom training programs, identifying needs at department, project team, or even individual levels.

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Learning Solutions

CJT Training Solutions offers a wide range of custom eLearning solutions to match your company's needs and budget. Whether you are looking for animation, video, or the latest in interactive solutions, CJT is your "one-stop shop."

Some topics like workplace safety, leadership and development, time management, and business ethics are so universal that an off-the-shelf eLearning solution is often the best solution – from both a time and budget perspective.

However, when you need to train a team on new products, process and procedures, sales, safety within your company, or compliance issues, the best solution is often custom eLearning.

With custom eLearning you control all the content. You can ensure that your brand image is communicated both graphically and in the tone and style of the training. Your learners tend to have a stronger emotional connection to material they know was specifically created to help them perform their specific jobs.


Virtual Instructor-Led Training

Do you have a need to train a geographically dispersed audience?

Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT) is your answer! This solution provides an economical way to train staff and reduce travel accommodations and lost time costs, as well as eliminate the expense of printing hard copies of training materials. In VILT, those materials can be shared digitally.

Having designed and delivered hundreds of VILT trainings our team of experts can provide a VILT learning experience that will include:

  • Redesigning a traditional instructor-led course to reflect VILT best practices

  • Designing, Developing and Delivering original VILT courses

  • Training instructional designers how to create successful VILT programs

  • Training facilitators and producers how to deliver VILT sessions that promote engagement and collaboration

  • VILT consulting on technology, format, content adaptation and facilitator and producer skills

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Blended Learning Solutions

CJT's blended learning design solutions are key for complex training needs:

  • On-boarding New Employees

  • Swapping Out Technology

  • Geographically-dispersed global audiences

  • Changing Business Practices

  • Improving Customer Service

  • Meeting Ever-Changing Regulations

  • Merging Organizational Cultures

  • Managing Employee Expectations


Our full suite of hybrid solutions range from instructor-led training to simulations to eLearning, and our focus is on needs-driven learner-specific training.

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