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L.A. Taylor


Ms. L.A. Taylor, M.A., has over 20 years of professional experience leading organizations within the private sector and Federal Government. She has helped to lay the foundation for providing solutions around Instructional Systems Design (ISD), leadership training, and design development, including project and change management. 


Having earned a Master of Arts in Instructional Systems Design and a second Master’s in Leadership and Coaching, her background includes extensive experience in leadership training and instructional system design. Ms. Taylor has since successfully designed, developed, and trained over 50,000 government and corporate employees on leadership and development courses. When she served as the Associate Director of Education at the ARCH Training Center, Ms. Taylor focused on “access” as well as “accessibility.” She successfully launched several awareness campaigns for content creators.


During her extensive career she facilitated the change from the ground up and furthered consciousness of accessibility issues one federal program at a time. She acknowledges her awareness of User Design while serving as a SME in many training areas. As a leader, she connects Educational Technologists and other professional teams with the principles of accessibility and usability. These opportunities keep her motivated and help shape her technical skills for continued use in the areas of accessible course design as she furthers her reach.

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